Proudly sharing MECCA
M-POWER's 2023 Impact...
and we're just getting started.

by Lisa Keenan
Executive Director, MECCA M-POWER

Tuesday 19 March, 2024

When we re-launched M-POWER in October 2022, we said we wanted to go BIGGER and BOLDER in line with MECCA’s vision to be not just Australia’s, but the world's most loved beauty destination. And bigger and bolder we have gone!   

With a commitment to invest $25 million over 5 years we, we aspire to be so much more than ‘just another corporate social responsibility program’ - we want to make a very real societal change. Building on MECCA’s 25-year history of helping people look, feel and BE their best, through M-POWER, our purpose is to help women and girls realise their full potential in a world where a person’s gender doesn’t limit their rights, freedoms or opportunities.  

At the end of the first year of our reimagined M-POWER, I’m incredibly proud: proud of the partnerships we have created with an extraordinary collective of more than 20 social change makers working together to dismantle the systems and structures that hold women back; and beyond proud of the way our team has embraced M-POWER and its mission.  And we’re just getting started...  

"…we aspire to be so much more than ‘just another corporate social responsibility program’ - we want to make a very real societal change. "

- Lisa Keenan, Executive Director

We have curated the organisations within our M-POWERed Collective in the same way we curate the beauty brands within the MECCA stable. Because our approach is to think long-term, win-win, we provide funding that is not tied to a specific project or initiative, but instead can be used to further an organisation’s mission and strategy in whichever way they deem appropriate.  We are thrilled to be able to celebrate and showcase some of the achievements of which they are most proud. You can click here to read about a few of our greatest moments so far!

We've invited feedback to understand the true value our Collective get from working with us in this way. For us, it’s not just what we give, it is HOW we work, and our Collective tell us that collaborating with us as true partners gives them the opportunity to have even more impact. That's why this expression of M-POWER's impact looks like it does.  

At the same time, the biggest impact we can have is by using the MECCA brand and platform to engage our more than 6,500 team members and 4 million plus customers. This will be a huge area of focus for us in the coming years as we seek to make M-POWER central to MECCA's legacy.

I’m so very excited by the opportunity we have – together – to make the world over for the next generation of women and girls.