Support Wear It Yellow for Children’s Ground

by The M-POWERed Collective
Monday 29 May 2023

Children’s Ground is a bold First Nations not-for-profit organisation changing the future for First Nations children, families and communities. Led by First Nations communities across Central Australia and the Top End, they use an evidence-based approach to create system change. 

The organisation works with each child in every community to develop personal learning, health and cultural development plans, supporting the families that wrap around that child through flexible employment and community development initiatives. 

“Let us start a new chapter in the future of Australia, where we walk as equals. Where reconciliation is not just a word and a day in the calendar, but where we reconcile the trauma and atrocities of the past and celebrate our shared future and knowledge,” says William Tilmouth, Arrernte man and Founding Chair of Children’s Ground.

This week you can support Children’s Ground by participating in Wear It Yellow, their annual campaign held during National Reconciliation Week (27 May to 3 June). They’re encouraging schools, workplaces and organisations to wear yellow clothing for a day and raise funds for Children’s Ground.  You can also shop Wear It Yellow tees, hats and totes which feature the beautiful design of renowned Arrernte Artist and Children’s Ground leader Amunda Gorey. The design depicts children, families and community coming together to support Wear it Yellow for Children’s Ground.

Why yellow?  Yellow is the centre of the Aboriginal flag – the sun, the giver of energy. It is the colour of Children’s Ground – energetic and hopeful. Yellow is the colour of ochre that is sacred in many First Nations communities, representing this ongoing connection to Country. 

When you donate, you are changing the future for First Nations children.  Your donation will enable these First Nations communities to become places of safety, hope and opportunity. 

For more information or to purchase the Wear It Yellow tees, hats and totes, go to