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ActionAid Australia is a global women’s rights organisation that empowers women on the frontlines of injustice to mobilise and transform their communities. We work across 45 countries and represent a global movement of women standing together to confront injustices and build a world where all women thrive.

We partner with local women’s rights organisations to support women living in poverty to access the resources, trainings, and technology they need to lead change for gender equality and social justice at the local, regional and global level. Because we know when women are given the resources and opportunity to lead: more lives are saved, women and girls are better protected from violence and women’s position in society is transformed.

Empower Women. Change the World.

“ActionAid Australia supports women on the frontlines of injustice. We give women the space, the skills and the knowledge to drive change in their own lives. This is what makes us different. We’re supporting women’s self-determination and ability to make their own choices and decisions. Our role is to facilitate and support that process.”

Michelle Higelin, Executive Director


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To date, ActionAid Australia has trained 32,169 women, which has enabled us to reach 3,441,423 people in 20 countries

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299,644 women and girls were directly supported by ActionAid Australia’s community of supporters in 2022

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Women and their children are 14 times more likely to die in an emergency than men, the risk of violence increases, and they bear the heaviest burden of caring for the injured and displaced


MECCA M-POWER does not receive or collect any donations made on or via this website. All donations made are received directly by ActionAid.

$7,226 raised

$25,000 Goal

$7,226 raised

$25,000 Goal

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