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AllPlay’s mission is to create a world that fits all kids, including the 1 in 6 Australian children who experience a developmental challenge or disability.

AllPlay provides community access to evidence-based resources to support these children and their families and carers.

AllPlay’s partnership with the AFL has encouraged and supported children with disabilities to have the same access to sport as their peers. And in 2018, with MECCA M-POWER’s support, the research team joined with Queensland Ballet and Li Cunxin to create an inclusive dance program for children and especially girls, which is now ready to roll out to every dance school in Australia.

“It is just a basic human right that we live in a society that ‘fits for all’ and not just ‘for the few’. All children deserve equal access to education, sports, the arts and play regardless of their ability level. We are building community hubs that put leadership, research and decision making directly into the hands of children with disabilities, their families, teachers and coaches to challenge the inequalities that have for too long been a roadblock to inclusive communities where we all thrive.”

Professor Nicole Rinehart, Founder / CEO

Nicole Rinehart


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1 in 6 Australian children experience a developmental challenge or disability

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Disabilities like autism affect both genders, but males have dominated research participation so the data that informs interventions is biased. For example, in a typical research trial there would normally be 5 boys for every 1 girl

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AllPlay prioritises the recruitment of girls and designs research programs with girls in mind. In our AllPlay Dance program the ratio is 1:1. Improving gender balance in our research will transform intervention pathways for girls with disability

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AllPlay’s AFL program was established at the inception of AFL Women’s League in 2017. Since then participation rates of women in footy have increased by 70%. Together with the AFL we are now bringing girls with disability into Auskick and junior footy

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The AllPlay team consists of women with and without lived experience of disability as well as experts in disability, inclusion, clinical and developmental psychology, education and dance