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Children’s Ground is a not-for-profit organisation designed with, and led by First Nations people to end enduring injustice and disadvantage.

Children’s Ground was founded by Arrernte man William Tilmouth and non-Indigenous CEO Jane Vadiveloo, in collaboration with First Nations Elders and communities in Central Australia.

Children’s Ground knows that change is possible when communities lead the way.

The Children’s Ground Approach is a 25-year strategy to transform the system and create a different future for the next generation of Aboriginal children.

“Children’s Ground will deliver the very best to those who need it the most, and will secure the fundamental rights of the child, the family and the community, wherever intergenerational inequity pervades. Children’s Ground holds the rigour of an evidence-based outcomes approach, with the integrity of community led vision and knowledge.”

William Tilmouth, Co-Founder

William Tilmouth


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There are two main streams to the Children’s Ground bold change agenda: Community Change and Systems Change

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To achieve Community Change Children’s Ground partner with First Nations communities over a 25-year period to deliver services that address five key pillars of wellbeing: learning, health, community, culture and economic opportunity. They call this the Children’s Ground approach

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To achieve Systems Change, Children’s Ground is using the emerging evidence from service delivery to advocate for changes to the systems that fail First Nations communities

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Children’s Ground has a 25-year strategy for change within communities and across the system. They know that change will take time, so they walk alongside each child for an entire generation

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Children’s Ground is not a ‘quick fix’ or program-based model: they are focused on outcomes

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Children’s Ground are collecting an evidence base to influence systemic change at a national level



In My Blood It Runs film still – Dujuan in Alice Springs

In My Blood It Runs

When Dujuan cannot run nor fight alone, he faces the history that runs straight into him and realises that not only has he inherited the trauma and dispossession of his land, but also the resilience and resistance of many generations of his people.