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Flourish Girl is a preventative mental health and emotional intelligence charity that delivers rites of passage programs for teenage girls and gender diverse teens between 13-18 to flourish in schools. 

Backed up by ongoing school-based and online support, Flourish Girl helps girls to build their self-awareness, self-confidence and social connectedness within their school community and other trusted relationships, and to flourish into confident, authentic young women.

“By investing in our next generation of young people, we can allow space for young people to see their authentic selves, to connect to their greater purpose and to use their gifts, strengths & talents to serve their communities.”

Mandy Dante, Founder / CEO

Mandy Dante


According to latest reports:

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1 in 5 girls in their teenage years experience eating disorders and suicide/self harm (more than double the normal opulation)

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Almost 6 in 10 teenage girls are facing anxiety and body image issues

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Suicide and self harm rates were highest among people who identify as LGBTQIA+, at 21% (1 in 5)

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11,536 young people have participated in Flourish Girl's programs across 70+ schools in Victoria

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93% of participants recommend our programs to other girls across Australia

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90% of participants feel more connected to their peers after completing a Flourish Girl program



MECCA M-POWER does not receive or collect any donations made on our via this website. All donations made are received directly by Flourish Girl to support the delivery of rites of passage programs. 

$3,303 raised

$25,000 Goal

$3,303 raised

$25,000 Goal

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