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Global Sisters exists to make business possible and create a world where all women have the opportunity to own their economic future.

The organisation supports women across Australia who are unemployed, underemployed or in precarious jobs. Single mums, women over 50, domestic violence survivors, Aboriginal women, women with disabilities, migrants and refugees, across Australia are all part of the Global Sisters community.

Innovative programs and platforms, including an online marketplace, provide women with the opportunity to start, run and grow a business and turn skills, passions and experience into a livelihood.

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“Hundreds of thousands of women in our society face multiple intersecting barriers which prevent them from accessing “normal” decent work. We have a proven model for economic participation, job creation, financial independence and long-term economic security. We don’t just support one cohort of women but all – and the community we provide is a critical part of supporting highly marginalised, social isolated women on a business journey.

Mandy Richards, Founder / CEO

Mandy Richards


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A snapshot of the sisters:

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  • 35% of Sisters were in unstable employment
  • 21% had a reduction in household income due to COVID-19
  • 29% were born overseas
  • 5% of sisters are aged over 50
  • 17% of sisters are single mothers
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5,500+ Australian and New Zealand women now on pathways to new jobs, new businesses and self-employment.

1,000 new businesses generating income

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$5.5 million in corporate pro-bono business support to women-led micro businesses

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Global Sisters aims to reach 43,000 women and support the creation of 17,000 new micro businesses over the next 5 years.



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