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The Man Cave is a preventative mental health and emotional intelligence charity that empowers boys to become great men. Using evidence-based workshops and expert facilitation, The Man Cave delivers programs that provide boys with the critical emotional and social skills they need to lead flourishing lives, build positive relationships and contribute to their communities.

The Man Cave believes that early intervention programs that focus on a boy’s strengths, not his deficits, will reduce the prevalence of mental ill health and gendered violence, empowering young boys to become enablers of a more equitable Australia.

Two school age boys

“Instead of men passing their trauma onto other men, particularly younger men, how do we interrupt that cycle and give them tools to cultivate a healthy relationship with themselves? And then, importantly, how to be in healthy, nourishing, consensual relationships with anyone they choose to in their lives? The system that’s been built, and they’ve been born into isn’t necessarily their fault, but as men they do have a responsibility to do something about it.”

Hunter Johnson, Founder / CEO

Hunter Johnson


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Delivered programs to over 30,000 boys across Australia

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In 2021, before participating in a program:

  • 29% of boys rarely felt able to talk openly with their friends
  • 91% of boys wanted to go deeper, talk about their emotions and feelings
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After participating in a program:

  • 88% of boys believe they now have the tools and confidence to support their friends if they are struggling
  • 77% of boys believe they have the tools and confidence to manage their personal wellbeing
  • 95% of boys understood the negative impact of not talking about their emotions



MECCA M-POWER does not receive or collect any donations made on or via this website. All donations made are received directly by Man Cave to support the delivery of workshops to boys in school.

$11,075 raised

$25,000 Goal

$11,075 raised

$25,000 Goal

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