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Wellsprings for Women offers education, employment services, health and wellbeing support and other services to refugee and migrant women.

Based in Dandenong, Victoria which is home to the largest community of refugees and migrants in the country, Wellsprings welcomes women from all cultures and faith backgrounds in a safe and inclusive environment.

“Seeing women from such diverse backgrounds gather in one place, engage, converse, build each other up, share joy and grief, setbacks and triumphs, heal, recover, and lift each other up every day, is not a job I do, it is a gift that fills me with hope and nourishes my soul. The strength, resilience and sheer courage of Wellsprings women to make the most of life’s opportunities despite their personal struggles and the social barriers they face, is empowering and inspirational.”

Dalal Smiley, CEO

Dalal Smiley


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Wellsprings offers over 50 different programs

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Wellsprings staff come from over 24 countries of birth and speak over 30 languages

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In 2020/2021 Wellsprings supported:

  • 855 migrant and refugee women needing direct support, including food and material aid
  • 379 women impacted by family violence and other complex issues



MECCA M-POWER does not receive or collect any donations made on or via this website. All donations made are received directly by Wellsprings for Women.

$3,515 raised

$25,000 Goal

$3,515 raised

$25,000 Goal

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