Nadia Hernández laughing in front of colourful background


Here at MECCA M-POWER, we welcome the announcement of our annual Holiday artist. This year, as we continue our efforts to elevate and empower women in the arts through our ongoing partnership with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), we’ve collaborated with the wonderfully talented artist Nadia Hernández.

For Hernández – born in Venezuela and currently working between Melbourne and Sydney – art extends far beyond its physical form. To her, it’s like a “language”; a system of elements (textiles, paste-ups, drawings, paintings, posters and poetry) that she carefully pieces together to communicate her diasporic experience as a Venezuelan woman living abroad.



Large art piece by Nadia Hernández
Nadia Hernández creating art
Nadia Hernández holding MECCA holiday packaging
Bursting with colour and positivity, you’ll see Hernández’s work – a vibrant collage of suns, hands, brushstrokes and text – emblazoned across MECCA’s limited-edition Holiday packaging and MECCA stores this year. MECCA M-POWER has also contributed towards the acquisition of a group of works by Hernández, which you can now see at the NGV Australia.